Risk Management Services


Risk Management Services (RMS) was established in 1992 as a full-service claims administration and risk management consulting firm. Our staff includes individuals with claims, risk management, medical, legal, insurance, and claims investigation training and experience. Kenneth R. Maiolini oversees and supervises the claims administration staff, while Linda J. Garrett,J.D., coordinates the risk management consulting and training activities.



RMS serves clients in the public and private sector, with an emphasis on professional liability, general liability, and employment liability issues. Our clients include individual California counties, private and public entity insurance programs, hospitals, agencies, school districts and others who prefer to work with a firm such as RMS because of the personal attention they receive.

Currently RMS works with 45 California counties, large and small, urban and rural, providing claims administration, investigations, and risk management consulting services pursuant to their participation in the CSAC-Excess Insurance Authority Medical Malpractice Programs. The facilities we work with include large teaching hospitals, mid-sized community hospitals, and small rural hospitals. We also work with skilled nursing facilities, ambulatory surgery centers and health clinics, mental health facilities, public health departments, and jail healthcare units. We work with County government, hospital boards and administrators, health and human services agencies, departments, medical provider plans, County employees, and individual practitioners.